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Have you ever met someone who can enter a educational facility and diagnose change trajectory?

We, introduce the CEO of Novaturient Industries, "The Education Whisperer,"

Dr. Luciana Gilmore


I have a distinct gift of being able to identify elements of learning environments that do not support the academic acceleration of students. I presented this gift as a classroom educator, built upon it as a school principal, and now I exert it without hesitation as the CEO of Novaturient Industries.

Educating children is my heart's work!  As the CEO, my vision is focused on the outcome for children. While I acknowledge every child will present many contributing factors to their overall success, our consultant firm is focused on the control factors within our reach!  To that end, my lens is fine-tuned on those who have the most influence on children daily, parents and educators.  Our work is detailed to be reflective of the varying populations that we encounter, thus having an all-inclusive approach to the circumstances and demographics we serve. We are positioned to be proactive in our response and delivery of services as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach that does not help all children. While increased academic success is the goal, it is also my goal to ensure that social-emotional learning is not only at the forefront of conversations and action, but that there is evidence of integration from early childhood through adolescence. Having the tools and training needed to help all children succeed is the platform that NOVATURIENT stands on. As a company, we have a distinct belief that all children can achieve at great levels if given the opportunity to thrive in environments that support who they are individually from an emotional perspective.

If as parents and as educators, we are able to provide access to resources that allow children to understand themselves, learn tools to preserve, and actions of strength, we inherently stage them to incur social success from a healthy emotional space, thus perpetuating academic success.

I join hands with our parents, our educators, and community partners as I know from a personal journey how important this work is. As a company, we are only as successful as the children we serve, the parents we help, the educators whom we form alignments with, and the alliances we form with community partners. As the CEO, my work is fueled by the quote, "It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." ~ Frederick Douglas


My promise as the CEO of NOVATURIENT Industries is to never lose focus of the big picture, "Change trajectory for the children we serve."

I stand committed with you,

Dr. Luciana Gilmore

"The Education Whisperer"

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