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Have you ever met someone who can enter a facilities and diagnose change trajectory?

We, introduce the CEO of Novaturient Industries, "The Organizational Leadership and Education Expert,"

Dr. Luciana Gilmore


I have a distinct gift of being able to identify elements of  environments that do not support acceleration growth. I presented this gift as a classroom educator, built upon it as a school principal, and now I exert it without hesitation as the CEO of Novaturient Industries.

Leadership and Education is my heart's work! When you fuse those two elements together the result is an expert who is goal oriented with a teaching and learning format of skill and effort. Our work is detailed to be reflective of the varying populations that we encounter, thus having an all-inclusive approach to the circumstances and demographics we serve. We are positioned to be proactive in our response and delivery of services as opposed to a cookie-cutter approach. While increased success is the goal, it is also my goal to ensure that the integrity of each orgaization and those within are serviced with the highest standard of quality and assurance. 

My promise as the CEO of NOVATURIENT Industries is to never lose focus of the big picture, "Change trajectory for those we serve."

I stand committed with you,

Dr. Luciana Gilmore

"Your Organizational Leadership and Education Expert"

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