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Luciana takes you on a journey from childhood through adulthood, ultimately becoming the principal of one of the largest high schools in the inner city of Cleveland. Through her story you hear her heartache, her passion and her drive. Understanding that she had an unique lens, Luciana, delivers on instructing others on how to have undeniable impact utilzing the power within! 

The Unconventional Leader

  • Wow!! I literally read your book overnight. It was gripping, informative and sent a range of emotions through me as I read it. You told the story so vividly, I smiled, shed tears, nodded in agreement all while reading as if I walked through the pages of the book with you. Great book for those who share your testimony and a great resource for individuals in leadership! I truly understand your Why... Thanks for sharing your story! ~ C. Harvey


    This is an awesome read showing all of us how to take things from your past, both good and bad, and using the eperiences to become an incredible leader. I highly recommend it!!~ L. Petranek

    Luciana takes readers on a literary journey that brings you full circle through an inspiring narrative that appealed to me in a personal and emotional way right from the start! The book is so engaging that you will want to read it quickly-a real page-turner!

    From trauma to triumph, her transparent account of her personal and professional transformation, lends itself to her authentic ability to relate to, and motivate those she serves . I was left wanting to know more about leading from a familiar place.. an internal place... MY "WHY"!

    If you touch the lives of young people in ANY capacity and want to lead from a RENEWED sense of intention and purpose, you need to get your hands on this book today!  ~Amazon Customer

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